NEWELY project has come to an end. In order to summarise the steps done and results achieved, the Consortium decided to create an additional communication material: the final brochure!

The document consists in several sections. It starts describing the situation at the beginning of the project, the aim and objectives of NEWELY and what the prototype was intended to be. Then, the final prototye is showed in details as well as the results and impact achieved through the collaboration of the partners. 

The final brochure intends to inform the different stakeholders and the general public about the story of the project, but it might also be intended as a starting point for other collaborations.

The document is based on the project visual identity that features the project as a unique and distinguishable brand, whose objective is to increase the public visibility of the project and subsequently its outcomes and facilitate the overall project goal to boost Europe’s Innovation ecosystem. 

We published it in the publication page.

Have a look at it: Brochure Newely


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