Conference abstracts, presentations and posters

In this page you can find the presentations, posters and abstract presented in Conferences and Workshops by the Partners related to the work done the NEWELY project.

ICSC 2022 


Panda Ronit Kumar, CEA, presented at the 10th International Conference on Systems and Control the work entitled “Performance Evaluation of the Anion Exchange Membrane Based Water Electrolysis (I)” 

Euromembrane 2022 


Jan Žitka, IMC-CAS, presented at Euromembrane 2022 the work entitled Anion Exchange Membranes based on block copolymers for use in alkaline electrolysers

6th International conference on nanomaterials fundamentals and applications


J. Hnát, UCTP, presented at the 6th International conference on nanomaterials fundamentals and applications the work entitled “Catalyst Coated Membranes for Alkaline Water Electrolysis”.

European Summer School of Electrochemical Engineering, University of Southampton


D. Hronová, UCTP, presented at the European Summer School of Electrochemical Engineering the poster entitled Determining the influence of the carbon support on the electrocatalytic performance of Co0.83Ni0.17Se2 catalyst for oxygen“.

ISE Regional Meeting

Abstract and Poster

Hronová D. and Plevová M., UCTP, presented at the Regional Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry two works: (i) an abstract entitled “Influence of the carbon support on the catalytic properties of selenide-based electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline fuel cell”, and (ii) a poster entitled “The effect of the type of anion-exchange material, polymer binder and catalyst on the performance of alkaline water electrolyser”.



Malikah Najibah, KIST, presented at the conference Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy 2022 the work entitled PBI nanofiber mat-reinforced anion exchange membranes with covalently linked interfaces for use in water electrolysers”

The results of the successful collaboration for fiber-reinforced AEM membranes, between KIST and UCTP in the NEWELY project and beyond has been presented via this poster.

EMEA Workshop

Abstract and Poster

Hnat Jaromir, UCTP, presented at the Workshop on Ion Enxchange Membranes for Energy Applications the work entitled “Influence of the anion-selective polymer membrane on the properties of the catalyst coated membrane-electrode-assembly” 

241st ECS Meeting


Michaela Plevová, UCTP, presented at the 241st ECS Meeting the work entitled “High-Performance Alkaline Water Electrolysis Using Anion-Exchange Membrane-Electrode Assembly with Catalyst Coated Membrane and Platinum Free Catalysts” 

9th ICCT


Hronová D., UCTP, presented at the International conference on chemical technology the work entitled “Influence of the catalyst particles size and crystalline phase on electrocatalytical performance of Co0.83Ni0.17Se2 for oxygen reduction in alkaline fuel cell” 

Hydrogen Days 2022


Michaela Plevová, UCTP, presented at the 12th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies the work entitled “Comparison of Various Anion Selective Materials and Catalysts Used as Components in Membrane-electrode Assembly for Alkaline Water Electrolysis” 

Euromembrane 2021


Jan Žitka, IMC-CAS, presented at Euromembrane 2021 the poster entitled Novel Anion Exchange Membranes for use in Alkaline Electrolysers

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