The AEM Hub met again to share results and updates on the the developments of the respective projects!

CHANNEL, NEWELY and ANIONE organised a Joint Webinar on the Challenges and Perspectives of the AEM Water Electrolysis. The event took place on 9 March 2023 and kicked off with the welcome of the Project Officer, Nikolaos Lymoeropoulos, and with short presentations from each of the project Coordinators (Thulile Khoza for CHANNEL, Aldo Gago for NEWELY and Antonino Aricò for ANIONE) who presented a condensed summary of achievements reached by the respective projects. 

The webinar was then divided in 4 Panel Sections dealing with the challengs and perspectives of AEMWE but from different point of you. 

The first section focused on the Elctrocatalysts, the second developed around the AEM and Ionomers, the third pointed the attention on the MEA preparation and performance, and the final section concerned the stack and other aspects. 

Check the agenda for details on the panelists and moderators!

The AEM Hub is a cluster of three EU projects working to improve anion exchange membrane water electrolysers for green hydrogen production. The production of green hydrogen and the use of the AEM WE technology are central to decarbonising the EU’s energy system. 

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