In 2022, NEWELY project partners presented the project results and analysis in numerous occasion and to different stakeholders in distinct geographical areas. 

Last week, we wrote about the participation of the partner KIST in several events in USA, Canada and South Korea. 

Now, it is the time to write about the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCTP), Czech Republic

In March 2022, Michaela Plevová and Dita Hronová participated in the Hydrogen Days 2022, the 12th International Conference on Hydrogen Technologies.

Dita Hronová participated in the poster session with “Tuning electric conductivity of non-platinum catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline fuel cell”. Michaela Plevová presented the work “Comparison of various anion selective materials and catalysts used as components in membrane-electrode assembly for alkaline water electrolysis” and received the Best Presentation Award!

The conference is an excellent frame for updates on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and represents the best setting to show the latest advances in research, projects and products in the Czech republic, Visegrad regions and Central Europe. More information on the event and the program at this link.

One month later, in April 2022, UCPT participated in the 9th International conference on chemical technology with the abstract “Influence of the catalyst particle size and crystalline phase on electrocatalytic performance of Co0.83Ni0.17Se2 for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline fuel cell”. 

The ICCT is organised by the Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry and give  the occasion to familiarize professionals with the key challenges and problems of chemistry and energy in the international context. More information at this link.

In June, the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague participated in the Workshop on Ion Exchange Membranes for Energy Applications, with the poster “Influence of the anion-selective polymer membrane on the properties of the catalyst coated membrane-electrode-assembly” and in the 241st ECS Meeting with the abstract “High-performance alkaline water electrolysis using anion-exchange membrane-electrode assembly with catalyst coated membrane and platinum free catalysts”. 

In August, Michaela Plevová and Dita Hronová participated in the ISE Regional Meeting, of the International Society of Electrochemistry. Hronová presented the abstract “Influence of the carbon support on the catalytic properties of selenide-based electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline fuel cell”, while Plevová presented the poster “The effect of the type of anion-exchange material, polymer binder and catalyst on the performance of alkaline water electrolyser”.

The ISE Regional Meeting provide a platform to present and discuss the most recent developments in all fields of electrochemistry including analytical applications, bioelectrochemistry, electrochemical energy storage, material electrochemistry, molecular electrochemistry and physical and theoretical electrochemistry. More information at this link.

Finally, last October, UCPT participated in two events.

J. Hnát presented the work “Catalyst Coated Membranes for Alkaline Water Electrolysis” at the 6th International conference on nanomaterials fundamentals and applications, which resulted in a Book of Abstract that can be found here

Hronová presented the poster “Determining the influence of the carbon support on the electrocatalytic performance of Co0.83Ni0.17Se2 catalyst for oxygen” at the European Summer School of Electrochemical Engineering organised by the University of Southampton

In the publications section – presentations it is possible to find the whole list of abstracts and posters presented within the field of NEWELY

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