The latest results on the NEWELY’s Anion Exchange Membrane are going to be presented by Jan Žitka at the Euromembrane Conference organized in Sorrento (Italy) on 20-24 November 2022. Dr. Žitka will present his work entitled “Anion Exchange Membranes based on block copolymers for use in alkaline electrolysers”. 

Euromembrane 2022 is organised by the EMS (European Membrane Society) in 1982 and it celebrates this year its 40th anniversary. 

At that time, the growing interest and the tremendous progress for Membrane Science and Technology suggested to better organize the scientific efforts at the European level. 

The overall goal of the Society was (and is today) to promote education and communication among membrane scientists and technologists at the European and International level. 

Download abstract at this link

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